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Watch The One Tree Hill Season Six Finale

onetreehillMonday night isn’t the series finale of One Tree Hill but it probably should be. In the season six finale, Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton), the show’s lead characters and main couple, say peace out to Tree Hill.

Zap2 It is reporting that everyone’s storyline is wrapped  up on Monday and everyone gets their happily ever after.

“Everyone’s… Lucas and Peyton’s, Brooke and Julian’s, Mouth and Millicent’s, Mia and Chase’s, Haley and Nathan’s. Yeah, Nathan turns a real corner on Monday, which had me tearing up and I think you will too because it’s a long time coming. Oh, even Victoria gets a happy ending.”

Well, everyone has a happy ending except Dan who goes to visit Whitey during the episode, but we wouldn’t have it any other way would we?

A few weeks ago pictures were leaked of the last scene of the show and it looks like Peyton and Lucas (and their daughter) ride off into the sunset, literally. The pictures show them getting into Peyton’s Comet convertible and waving goodbye to everyone. It is safe to say, they won’t be back.

It was also leaked back in April that they filmed a scene for the show at a Charlotte Bobcat’s game.

The tipster said, “The lights were dimmed at halftime to film a scene for the television show “One Tree Hill.” Character Nathan Scott was introduced as a Bobcats starter — seven times — to cheers from the crowd.”

So, it really does look like everyone gets the happy ending they’ve been working towards for six years. That’s why it seems it would have been a good time to end the series, on a high note, with all of the original cast, even Whitey.

But The CW has confirmed the show will return  in the fall with Haley’s sister Quinn moving to Tree Hill as Peyton’s replacement. Did anyone else see that?  I think something just jumped the shark.

Tune in to The CW Monday night at 9 PM EST for the season finale of One Tree Hill.

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